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As a private teacher, I am excited to share my passion for music with my students. I have been playing trumpet for over 25 years, teaching for over 10 years, and have extensive experience performing professionally in a wide variety of styles, including classical, jazz, rock, folk, and world music.

In lessons I work to build a strong foundation of technique and musicality, while keeping an eye on the big picture of expression and creativity. Engaging with each student's individual interests, strengths, and challenges is central to my approach. I focus on techniques for effective practice to empower students to take what they've learned and apply it themselves, building self-motivation and independence. In addition to working with students on fundamentals, band repertoire, audition and competition material, solo literature, and any other prescribed or chosen music, I also incorporate music theory, improvisation, ear training, and composition. By developing the necessary skills, knowledge, confidence, and musical problem solving ability, students will be able to make music that is as rewarding as possible.


All ages and skill levels are welcome. For more information, contact me.

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