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​​​​Derek Worthington, composition & direction

  variable instrumentation; regular members include:

Mark Kirschenmann, trumpet

Meg Rohrer, violin

Lyd de Leeuw, cello

Kirsten Carey, guitar

Simon Alexander-Adams, synths

Ben Willis, bass

​​Jonathan Taylor, drums & percussion

Lossy Codecs is an experimental large ensemble exploring unique mechanisms and outcomes of information transfer between composer, director, and players. The ensemble uses a system of mapping various musical parameters over time; the texture and form can be sculpted by the composer/director and the content is improvised by the performers. The system is used both in written compositions and in real-time improvisations, using a program Derek has built in SuperCollider and mirrored screens to communicate information to the improvisers.

lossy codecs ziggy's (2).jpg

Improvisation, 9/7/19

Set 2, Elastic Arts, Chicago - 1/26/23

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