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Derek Worthington Quintet

Derek Worthington, Angela Morris, Ben Thomas, James Clarke, Sam Bates

"Dedekind Cut"

by Derek Worthington. Recorded live at The Club in Banff, Canada.


See info for Dedekind Cut

Derek Worthington, Ben Willis, Eric Schweizer

"Miniature 8"

by Lords and Ladies. Recorded live at the Canterbury House 24 Hour Concert

"Miniature 9"

See info for Miniature 8

Patrick Booth Quintet

Patrick Booth, Derek Worthington, Matt Endahl, Billy Satterwhite, Jon Taylor

"The Anomalous Properties of Water"

by Patrick Booth


by Patrick Booth. Featured on Patrick's album On the Shoulders of Giants

Kirsten Carey's Ulysses Project

Kirsten Carey, Derek Worthington, Patrick Booth, Ben Willis, Jon Taylor

"Imagined Promenade for Mr. Flower"

by Kirsten Carey. Video made as a preview for Kirsten's album The Ulysses Project.

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